Saturday, October 15, 2005

English Chinese Periodic Table of Elements 英漢元素周期表

I love reference material, and the periodic table of elements is one of my favorite charts. I like how it presents a dense amount of information in a small space and in an organized way. I especially like how the layout of the table also convey important information about the nature of the elements.

I am currently doing some personal studying in chemistry/physics areas, using primarily a Chinese text. What I wish I had was a periodic table with the standard information (atomic number, atomic weight, symbol, name) AND with Chinese names of the elements. I couldn't find something with all those parts on the net, so I created my own version. Here it is for all to share:

Color version of English/Chinese periodic table of elements (PDF 110K)

I hope other bilingual science enthusiasts will find it useful too!

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wumanchild said...

Great resource. Thank you for sharing!